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Educational Scholarship













 Currently very low level is applied to the kalvikkattanam. We provide uniforms stitched by the net proceeds from kalvikkattanam, and provide free uniforms.

The level of education and awareness, the students studying in the context of well-read well enough to provide assistance. Their future will be better.

Therefore, no material assistance in education if the intention is to help, to create a fund, to whom every year, people in the street, the amount of வெளியிடுகின்றோம் list. They want students who are ready to help. Please give me support.

Free cirutaittittam

Namatur students in schools, students wear uniforms. During the administration of antattittat profits will be available, in அந்தந்தப்பள்ளிகள் students, the uniform is provided free of charge to students, kalvikkattanam built. Help the students of the house

1. TV / Cable contain.

2. EB Bill கட்டப்பட்டிருக்கக்கூடாது above Rs 250.

3. Irukkutatu foreign aid.

4. Telephone facility should.

Vicaranai provided direct assistance on the recommendation of the group. Rs .40000 each year - is to help the kuraiyam. Namatur provide free uniforms with a few brothers approve.

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