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Emergency medical Car














Today we have an ambulance as well. But hurry, the one who is fighting for his life with oxygen cylinder, first aid with a narc, you can not take a day or two in a small vantitan with relatives. If you have a diesel car, the brothers bought namatur cattin responsibility to paittulmal stunned by the low, you can do an even better service, insa Allah.

Driver and now pay Rs .1750, income of Rs 100 - Beta is 10%. Maintenance costs, the cost of petrol, FC are like. I have to buy the specific charges. Very poor, orphans and the service is free.

Namatur muhallakkal or namatur brothers joined together, for ambulance service costs (in local maiyavati for home and hospital patients Assisted emergency medical transport costs) has been accepted, free local service poor, the rich can not be discrimination. Think about.

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