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Live a life of luxury, its facility, opportunity, income, paying more than wishes vattillakkatan valarttukontu vattippanam buyers, entrepreneurs, and for those who can not go velinatu, medicine, education costs, and to give credit to tavaikal health emergency. It is not enough to be tovai 5000. At least until at least Rs 25,000 would provide the most help.

Paittulmal shaky with no regular income. There is no deposit. The amount of Rs 1,000 or Rs 500 as a member of the payer does not have to be much higher.

Paittulmal shaky in the early period of the jam / responsible people gave him credit for. Capital Trust. But our expectation is poyttu. However manantaralamal going to try to collect the debt. Continues credit. The kindness of some of the brothers, is to support the loan.

There are many ways how to provide assistance வட்டியில்லாக்கடன் cakotararkalo love.

1. To join as members. உறுப்பினர்களாக்கி all of their family members to provide the amount.

2. The name of the deceased, the amount of benefit in seeking to provide their name.

3. And to provide assistance to வட்டியில்லாக்கடன் cataka.

4. Personal time or money in the bank in excess of the credit for one year to provide paittulm shaky. Certificates issued in exchange for the payment of the debt. Paittulmal shaky middle of the hospital buildings in exchange for street displayed. Executives responsible for the money.

Note: By வட்டியில்லாக்கடன் good advantage, to make the best possible service to the people. Each year the brothers namatur voluntary Rs 1000 - tirattita funds to be donated to some extent.

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